Cherelle is one of the more unique artist you will find in Southwest Florida.  Recognized at a young age for her creativeness, her passions are expressed through painting, drawing, sculpting, and photography.  

While building a successful career in the Corporate Finance world,  her love for creating never lessened.

Having studied the Business of Art at the Sotherby’s Institute of Art, Cherelle is returning to her passions.  The Cherelle Art Studio and Gallery is where you find her work as well as other local artist who bring inspiration to the world around us.

Alice in Underland ...The Picture Story

Charles and Lewis had enjoyed a lifelong friendship.  Each had married, each had three children, and each loved nothing more than spending a day on the water with their  children.  On this summer day they had taken all of the kids on a fishing outing in The Gulf of Mexico.  The day was perfect.  The water was calm, and the fish were plentiful.  Hoping to engage with his oldest daughter Alice, Lewis began telling a story about “Alice and a Rabbit.”  Alice had heard the story many times, and her attention was drawn to an object darting by just under the surface of the water.  She leans over the side to get a better look at what the golden purple creature could be.  She strained to get closer, but stretched too far, suddenly she was overboard. Click the image to the side to see the Adventure unfold!!  

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Art can take many forms but perhaps the most well known are drawings and painting.  A skilled artist can take a blank canvas and transform it to limitless beauty.  Through shading and dimensions, the depth of the artists vision is revealed over time.  Cherelle Art has a core vision of Love and Friendship and each painting and drawing on the Paintings link will reveal these visions to you.  Many of the works on the Paintings page are available for purchase.  

The World Seen Through a Lense

When a photo is taken, time stands still.  The image produced will forever capture a single instance that cannot ever be exactly the same.   When we view these moments, some of us recall a memory that can be anywhere from funny to sad.  The moment can also inspire us to begin a new journey.  When you click on the image to the right, Cherelle Art will let you see through her lens, see the Love and Friendship that can be captured all around us.  

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Pottery and Sculptures

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Pottery and Sculpting here at Cherelle Art is where the fun is.  Whimsical creatures, Statuesque Mermaids, Alice in Underland Tea Pots, Wine Bottle Stoppers, Pots, these are only a few of the creations made here at the studio.  By clicking on the image to the left, we welcome you to explore all of the unique options available to you.

Local Featured Artist

Cherelle Art is committed to supporting and advancing the Art Community of Southwest Florida.  In that spirit we are pleased to introduce you to other local artisans and display their crafts.  In this section you will meet many of the talented artists that call this area home.  Each artist featured has a love for Southwest Florida, and brings a diverse and unique perspective that is displayed in whatever form their art takes.  We urge you to get to know and help to support them.  

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