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Inspire the Imagination ...

Inspiration is found all around us.  It can come from an idea, from nature, from a sound, from an event, from a picture, even from a color.  Inspiration  feeds the imagination.  It is the artist who has the ability to capture imagination and create.  

“May love and friendship always be in your life, in your home, and in your heart.”

– Cherelle Art –

Welcome to my passion

Passion can be defined as “Pleasures of the mind or of the imagination.” Here is where you can glimpse the passions of Cherelle.  Her passions are varied but never lessen in intensity.  Mermaids, abstracts, photography, pottery and sculpture, all are a part of her.    It is here on this site that she has chosen to share these passions with you, and hopefully inspire to greater levels.

Image of Alice in Under Land Logo

An Underwater Adventure Awaits

Alice in Underland is a Artist Story of a young girl, fishing with her Dad, who accidentally falls overboard and finds herself being a new member of an Undersea World.   In the vision that only Cherelle can create, you will be taken along with Alice as she experiences new adventures.  There will be crazy ass fish and amazing sea creatures with the ability to transform into a number of different characters, even into a Mermaid.  Alice’s adventures in Underland include multiple chapters. Each chapter exploring some of the life lessons we all learn as adults with a little fun.  Click below to be taken to the page.

Featured Prints From The
Mermaids Galore Collection

Known as the “messangers of emotion and inspiration,” Cherelle captures the beauty and grace of these mystical creatures. Below are featured prints available from Cherelle Art.

Image Nixe


Known as “Nixe” this Mermaid captures the beauty, spirit, power, and grace of the mythical world.....

Mermaid C F O


“C-Level” Mermaid is a silhouette of a woman who has fought the waves
of life ....

Image Mermaid Hope


Hope has a unique spirit that knows the beauty of all things that
surround her ....


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