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Image Promenade Booth


Once again this year we will be having a display at the Promenade Shopping Center in Bonita Springs.  This is a perfect venue to purchase not only art from Cherelle, but also many other local artists.  Often the Artist is on site to answer any questions you may have.  Paintings, photography, sculpture, literature, and song will be on display.  All are welcome to join us on November 23rd 2019, December 21st 2019, and January 25th 2020, between 8 AM and Noon.  Click the link below for directions.

The Promenade Is This Saturday!!

Our first show of the season is quickly approaching.  This Saturday, November 23rd, is our show at the Promenade in Bonita Springs.  Not only will many of Cherelle Arts paintings, photos, and sculptures be available, but you will also find the art of Lizi Singer and Peggy Kilby.  We will be introducing our new “Calender” series along with our newest cards.  Hope to meet you there !!

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